Premier Modular Solutions Across West Canadian Provinces and Territories

At Parkland Modular, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier modular solutions tailored to a diverse range of needs. From mobile office trailers to portable classrooms and modular medical buildings, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of modular offerings.


Alberta, often referred to as Canada’s energy province, is a hub for oil and gas, with the oil sands playing a significant role in its economy. Cities like Calgary and Edmonton are not only central to this industry but are also growing centers for technology, finance, and manufacturing. Parkland Modular’s drill camps, wellsites, and skidded generators are particularly relevant here, providing essential infrastructure for remote oil and gas sites. Additionally, the rise in urban development in these cities sees a demand for modular offices and portable classrooms.

British Columbia

With its diverse economy, British Columbia is known for its tech industry, forestry, mining, and tourism. Vancouver is a bustling seaport and a major hub for film and television—often dubbed “Hollywood North.” Surrey and Burnaby, while being residential hotspots, are also seeing growth in tech and service sectors. Parkland Modular’s recreation units can cater to BC’s thriving tourism sector, while modular offices can support the province’s growing tech hubs. The mining sites can benefit from wet sleepers and isolation units, ensuring safety and comfort for workers.


Agriculture, mining (particularly potash), and oil and gas are the pillars of Saskatchewan’s economy. Saskatoon is a growing economic center with a burgeoning tech industry, while Regina is deeply rooted in agriculture and trade. Parkland Modular’s services, especially the lavatory and toilet trailers, are essential for remote agricultural and mining sites in the province. The growth in urban areas also sees a demand for portable schools and modular offices.

Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories are rich in natural resources, with diamond mining being a significant industry. The region’s vast and remote nature means there’s a substantial need for modular solutions that can withstand its unique challenges. Parkland Modular’s wet sleepers, drill camps, and skidded generators are invaluable here, providing necessary infrastructure for mining sites. The turnkey services ensure that these setups are not just functional but also comfortable, given the region’s extreme conditions.

Our Services for West Canadian Provinces and Territories