Portable Schools and Classrooms

New and used retrofitted portable modular schools and classroom buildings are fast and cost effective solutions. We provide turn-key custom service from finding new and used permanent modular buildings based on your requirements, remodel, install, and equip them. You get what you need, we save your time and money.

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Why Choose Portable Schools and Classrooms?

The need for portable educational spaces arises from various scenarios – be it a sudden influx of students, ongoing construction in a school, or the requirement for temporary educational setups in remote locations.

Traditional brick-and-mortar constructions are not only time-consuming but also lack the flexibility that modern educational institutions require. This is where Parkland Modular’s portable solutions come into play.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of Modular School Buildings




One of the standout features of Parkland’s portable schools and classrooms is their adaptability. Whether you need a temporary setup for a few months or a more permanent solution, these modular units can be easily installed, expanded, or relocated based on your needs.



Compared to traditional constructions, modular classrooms are significantly more cost-effective. With quicker installation times, institutions can also start their academic sessions without delay, ensuring no loss of valuable academic time.



Parkland Modular prioritizes sustainability. Their portable classrooms are designed using eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.



Every institution has unique needs. Parkland understands this and offers customization options. From the interior layout to the exterior design, institutions can tailor their classrooms to reflect their ethos and educational philosophy.

Safe and Durable

Safe and Durable

Safety is paramount, especially when it concerns educational institutions. Parkland’s portable classrooms are built to adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring a safe learning environment for students and staff alike.

Varied Portable School Options

We Offer All Types of Portable Schools and Classrooms

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Standard Classrooms

Traditional classroom setups equipped with all essential amenities.

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Laboratory Units

Tailored for science and computer labs, ensuring safety and functionality.

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Recreational Units

Spaces designed for arts, music, and physical education.

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Administrative Units

Offices, staff rooms, and conference areas for faculty.

We Will Find, Remodel and Install Portable Schools and Classrooms Based on Your Needs and Make it Very Cost Effective

Parkland Modular is the Best Option for your local and remote school and classrooms needs for the much better price. Parkland Modular puts your needs at the forefront of its service. That’s why we’re the go-to source for modular facilities anywhere.

Why Choose Parkland

Why Choose Parkland Modular Schools?

Integration with Parkland's Core Services

Parkland Modular’s expertise isn’t just limited to providing modular units. They excel in refurbishing and retrofitting. We will find a new or used portable school based on your requirements and will breathe a new life into it, making it conducive for modern educational needs. Whether it’s transforming a modular office into a state-of-the-art classroom or retrofitting a unit to accommodate a laboratory, Parkland’s team ensures that every space is optimized for learning.

Moreover, their turnkey services ensure that these classrooms are not just spaces but fully functional educational hubs. From setting up power connections to ensuring water supply and sanitation, Parkland takes care of every minute detail. This holistic approach ensures that institutions can focus on what they do best – imparting education, while Parkland takes care of the logistics.

In an age where flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability are more than just buzzwords, Parkland Modular’s portable schools and classrooms offer the perfect solution for educational institutions. By merging top-notch design with functionality and offering a plethora of customization options, Parkland ensures that every educational institution, regardless of its size or location, has access to the best modular solutions. With their emphasis on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Parkland Modular is not just a service provider but a partner in shaping the future of education

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, once manufactured, a portable classroom can be set up and ready for use within a few days, depending on the site conditions and specific requirements.

Yes, our units are designed to withstand various weather conditions, from heavy snowfall to high winds. Regular maintenance ensures their longevity and safety.

Absolutely! We offer a range of customization options, from interior layouts to exterior finishes, ensuring that the units align with the institution’s specific needs and aesthetics.

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