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New and used retrofitted container offices are fast and cost-effective solutions. We provide turnkey service finding new or used container offices and specialize in customizing them with remodeling installations, and equipment based on your requirements. You get what you need, we save your time and money!

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Why Choose Parkland Modular’s Container Offices?

Choosing container offices is a wise decision for various reasons, offering businesses a blend of flexibility, sustainability, and functionality. First and foremost, these offices are renowned for their robustness and durability. Constructed from high-quality steel, container offices are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing a safe and secure working environment for employees. This makes them particularly ideal for businesses operating in challenging terrains or those requiring temporary office spaces at different locations.

Another significant advantage of opting for container offices is the speed and ease of installation. Unlike traditional structures, these modular offices can be quickly assembled and disassembled, saving valuable time and resources. This feature is crucial for businesses with dynamic needs, allowing them to adapt and respond to changing operational demands swiftly. Furthermore, the quick installation process means businesses can have their offices up and running in no time, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Lastly, container offices are an eco-conscious choice. Many providers, including Parkland Modular, utilize repurposed shipping containers, contributing to waste reduction and promoting sustainability. These offices are not only environmentally responsible, but also cost-effective, providing businesses with a practical solution that doesn’t break the bank. With the added benefit of customization, companies can design their container offices to reflect their brand image and meet specific needs, making them a popular choice for businesses across various industries.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of Container Offices


Quick Installation

Quick Installation

With a design that facilitates easy assembly and disassembly, container offices can be installed swiftly, minimizing downtime and allowing businesses to commence operations promptly.



Providing a balance of quality and affordability, container offices are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces, offering businesses a practical solution that aligns with budget constraints while not compromising on quality.



Many container offices are made from repurposed shipping containers, making them a sustainable choice that contributes to waste reduction and environmental conservation.



Container offices offer flexibility in design and layout, allowing businesses to tailor the space according to their specific needs and preferences, creating a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Safe and Durable

Safe and Durable

Container offices are constructed from robust steel, offering unmatched durability and security. This ensures a safe working environment, protecting both personnel and valuable equipment from external elements and potential theft.

Varied Container office Options

We Offer All Types of Container Offices

standard container office

Standard Container Office

Ideal for administrative tasks, providing a quiet, private, and professional workspace.

double container office

Double Container Office

Offers more space, suitable for teams and collaborative projects.

container office and storage combo

Office and Storage Combo

Combines workspace and storage for equipment, making it perfect for sites with limited space.

custom container office

Custom Container Office

Tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring it meets specific operational needs.

We Will Find, Remodel, and Install Container Offices Based on Your Needs and Make it a Fast and Cost-Effective Solution

Parkland Modular is your number one choice for local and remote container office needs at competitive prices. We put our clients first! That’s why Parkland Modular is the go-to source for modular facilities, anywhere you need them.

Why Choose Parkland

Why Choose Parkland Modular’s Container Offices?

Integration with Parkland's Core Services

At Parkland Modular, our container offices seamlessly integrate with our suite of core services, providing a comprehensive solution for your workspace needs. Our experienced team works diligently to understand your specific requirements, offering personalized services that encompass planning, design, and installation of container offices. This integration ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for clients, as they can access a range of services under one roof, eliminating the need to engage with multiple service providers.

Our core services also include retrofitting and remodeling of used container offices. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing space or repurpose a used container office, our skilled professionals are equipped to execute modifications with precision and efficiency. We utilize high-quality materials and innovative techniques to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of container offices, aligning with your brand image and operational needs.

Furthermore, Parkland Modular is committed to delivering turnkey solutions for container offices. From selecting the appropriate size and type of container office, to installing it at your preferred location, we manage every aspect meticulously. Our turnkey services are designed to provide clients with a ready-to-use container office that meets their expectations in terms of quality, cost, and time. With Parkland, you can expect a streamlined process and superior results, as we integrate container offices with our core services to offer unparalleled value.

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Absolutely! We offer various customization options to create a space that reflects your brand and meets your needs.

Our offices are equipped with advanced security features to safeguard your assets.

Yes, we provide delivery and installation services, ensuring your office is set up correctly and ready for use.

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